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Unlocking the Warehouse Workforce Challenge

Staff can be difficult to find for any business, but there is one role consistently challenging to fill: reliable and skilled warehouse workers. These individuals are rare and tend to stay with warehouses they know and enjoy working for, making it even more challenging to recruit them.

At Align, we understand the struggle of finding excellent warehouse workers, and that's why we have made it our mission to help you staff your warehouse with only the most highly skilled and dependable individuals. We have gained a global reputation for our commitment to quality and service. All our staff members are well-versed in warehouse, logistics, and e-commerce operations, becoming experts in picking, packing, receiving, loading, last-mile delivery, and inventory management.

Competitive Model

Our comprehensive model for warehouse and logistics management ensures that no aspect of the process is overlooked. We deploy a skilled and unskilled workforce comprising 2,500 staff members for Warehouse & Logistics operations, catering to all Emirates within the UAE, operating round the clock, seven days a week. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the competitive salaries we offer within the UAE market, and a significant portion of our workforce chooses to work on a full-time basis, committing to two-year terms.

We prioritize the well-being and safety of our employees by taking care of their Occupational Health Cards and providing them with essential training in Food & Fire safety protocols, First Aid & Hygiene.

Staffing for Government & Semi-government Entities

Align Manpower provides warehouse and logistics solutions to over 60 companies across multiple industries, including government and semi-government entities.

At Align Manpower, we understand the intricacies of the warehouse and logistics industry, recognizing that each government and semi-government entity has distinct requirements. With a focus on delivering specialized personnel, including forklift drivers, forklift operators, riggers, and more, we have been contributing to the seamless functioning of warehouses and logistics operations across the country.

The role of forklift drivers and operators is pivotal in the efficient movement of goods within a warehouse. We provide highly trained and certified forklift drivers who are adept at maneuvering through tight spaces, ensuring the safe and swift transfer of materials.

For government entities handling complex projects that involve heavy lifting and intricate logistics, we offer specialized staffing solutions, including riggers. These professionals are equipped with the expertise to handle the rigging process, ensuring that equipment and materials are lifted and positioned safely and efficiently.

We hire across multiple nationalities and have provided forklift operators for Cop28 at Expo City through our partner Kuehne-Nagel and logistic operators and warehouse assistants in DTTC Dubai Tea Trading Center, a SMIE government entity.

Align Manpower places a strong emphasis on compliance with local regulations and international standards. We ensure that all our personnel, including forklift drivers, forklift operators, riggers, and other specialized staff, undergo rigorous training programs.

Whether there is a temporary surge in workload or a need for long-term staffing solutions, we adapt our services to accommodate the changing requirements of government entities.

Versatility of Align's Warehouse Manpower Services

Jafza Domain

Align holds the exclusive authorization to provide manpower services within Jafza, obtaining a special Jafza license for this purpose. We are privileged to have our office located within the confines of Jafza, which allows us to operate seamlessly within this distinguished economic zone.

Offering Variety of Positions

Regardless of the roles' responsibilities or working hours, Align can assist you in finding a variety of positions for your warehouse operations. From warehouse assistants, coordinators, and managers to forklift and reach truck operators, we provide the best talent available. Our team consists of experienced supervisors and managers who are ready to contribute efficiently and meaningfully to your bottom line.

Business Understanding

In addition to warehouse roles, Align can also provide employees who understand the business side of your operation, such as logistics coordinators, office and IT support workers, site supervisors, and training solutions. There's virtually no limit to the type of workforce we can supply for your warehouse needs.