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Seaports - Staffing Solutions

Surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, the UAE has always had a rich cultural maritime history. Over the years, the industry has grown, and the  UAE has come up with some of the finest and most efficient ports serving the ever-increasing influx of vessels facilitating the export/import trade & growth of the economy.

Over the last two decades, Dubai has positioned itself as one of the most renowned maritime hubs globally and has become a serious player in the global maritime industry. The Dubai maritime sector is deep but also wide, composed of more than 5,500 companies engaged in some 13,000 activities. The sector is also responsible for around 3.3% of the emirate’s jobs, with some 76,200 people working in maritime-related industries.

Align stands compliant to service various ports and companies within Free Zones and ardently works to excel in its service levels to achieve customer/client satisfaction.

  • Second Engineer
  • Barge Captain
  • Barge Master
  • Vessel Captain
  • Cargo Surveyor
  • Chief Marine Engineer
  • Chief Officer
  • Deck Officer
  • Fleet Manager
  • Heavy Lift Supervisor
  • Marine Master
  • Marine Supervisor
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Port Engineer
  • Port Manager
  • Seaman
  • Oiler
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